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Re: [sumo-user] Mobility with different mode of transport

- Create an OD matrix file for each mode of transport,
- run od2trips with options --prefix and --vtype (i.e. --prefix bus --vtype bus) for each mode.
- create an additional file that defines the referenced vType (i.e. 'bus')
- run duarouter for each trips file with the vtypes file loaded.

If you want to place all vTypes in a single file, also set duarouter option --vtype-output dummy (to avoid having the same definitions repeatedly in the output)

Am Mi., 2. Feb. 2022 um 10:32 Uhr schrieb Syed Şah Sultan <syedshahsultan@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hello everyone

Below are the steps that I am following to  create a scenario

1) Creating an additional file of TAZ through NETEDIT 
2) Converting the taz file using ""
3) Creating the OD matrix file 
4) Using "od2trips" and then "duarouter " to generate trips.xml and rou.xml files respectively

The problem is I do not understand in which step should I introduce the ratio about different modes of transport, Because by the above method, I am only having private cars in my model.  I know about "open Wizard". But is there any way other than that?

Syed Şah Sultan Mohiuddin

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