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Re: [sumo-user] how to change individual lane width when it is specified as "lane specific"

Note that, for "normal" junctions, there will be a priority relationship between the conflicting connections (visualized as grey and white connection colors). Consequently, drivers will still prefer the lane that enters with priority to the lane that must yield. If you wish to have both lanes used equally, set the junction type to 'zipper' (

Am Sa., 29. Jan. 2022 um 09:55 Uhr schrieb Rob Maris <rob@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

the alt-4 is a bit counterintuitive. Why?. Because this action flag is default on, and I'd interprete that as lane select (the more specific case related to the generic edge, which is in fact the container for lanes as well as the basic drawing construct). shift-click works perfect for doing some casual lane operations.
I opted for narrowing instead of making a single wide lane after your advice.

Regarding the other problem of a never occupied lane before a junction: This has been solved by introduction of two lanes on the junction output. But because after a few hundred meter a real narrowing to one lane was to be executed, the problem was merely shifted towards that place (at a small junction to a side street). But because of the simplicity of that junction, I had (yesterday) the insight that a "transfer from-to line" trough the junction was missing. As I experimented some time before coping with this problem, I already noted that you cannot select a yellow (conflict) target. Well, yesterday I saw that under the C mode the option is documented that CTRL-click allows targeting towards a "conflicting" lane. Voilà!

Since I know that the drivers in the simulations behaves as real humans do :-), during simulation, no accidents occur on the narrowing spot.

Am 29.01.2022, 00:36 Uhr, schrieb Jakob Erdmann <namdre.sumo@xxxxxxxxx>:

- toggle the 'clicking should select edges' button (Alt+4)
- or shift-click to inspect the lane

It is possible to have vehicles driving side by side on a wide line when activating the sublane model ( but often it is simpler and more performant to use two narrow lanes instead.

Am Fr., 28. Jan. 2022 um 19:19 Uhr schrieb Rob Maris <rob@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
In a design which originated from the Webwizard (OSM), I'm encountering quite a lot of edges with "lane specific" widths, because the OSM supplied many edges containing red bicycle lanes. There seems to be no table in the inspect edge mode for this case to adjust the lane widths. The regular lanes should be narrower in order to reflect extra wide single lanes where it is formally allowed to drive alongside if space is present.
Or can the extra wide lane be modeled such that passenger cars drive alongside? (e.g. when coming from a street section having two (true), normal width lines)

Thanks for any help appreciated!

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