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Re: [sumo-user] Questions regarding lane-specific induction loops and potential visualization error

all your questions are indeed answered by "this is the way it works in the meso model".
The mesoscopic simulation generally, doesn't distinguish individual lanes and rather places all vehicles on an edge in the same queue (or a series of queues for long edges).
Only for the last segment before an intersections with turning lanes, does the model switch to using one-queue per lane.


Am Do., 27. Jan. 2022 um 08:50 Uhr schrieb Walch Manuel <Manuel.Walch@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

Dear all,


In the course of my work with SUMO, I have encountered a few questions or issues with my network that I would like to ask for your clarification or support.



Question regarding the positioning of Induction Loops.

As you can see in the attachment (File: InductionLoop_1.PNG) I tried to position some Induction Loops on an edge in my network using NetEdit. Two Induction Loops were positioned on each lane of this edge.

But when I load the network and the Additional File with the loops in the SUMO-Gui, all Induction Loops are placed on lane 0. (compare file InductionLoop_2.PNG), and the ouput for each of the loops after the end of the simulation is the same/very similar.

Is it to be expected here that the placed induction loops, in contrast to what is drawn in NetEdit, are actually positioned only on one lane as seen in the SUMO GUI, and accordingly only record data from this lane? Or are the loops only visually displayed on lane 0, and are all data of the edge counted, i.e. across all lanes?



And the second question:

As you can see in the screenshot VehicleLaneChange_1.PNG I have the problem that the vehicles of a jammed edge all change to lane 0 of the next edge when crossing the junction. The exact opposite problem can be seen in the screenshot VehicleLaneChange_2.PNG on the following edge and junction, since these vehicles on lane 0 are again divided among all three lanes of the following edge. The lane-to-lane connections have already been checked and are modeled correctly.

Could this be a visualization error in the GUI?

If I position Induction Loops on the two relevant edges from the screenshot VehicleLaneChange_2.PNG, I can see that the generated data is basically similar. This would then, if I again assume that the induction loops count the entire edge across all lanes, only occur if all vehicles are by mistake displayed on lane 0 in the previous edge.

However, as described in the first question, I cannot position induction loops on lane 1, so I could not check whether a loop on the edge on which all vehicles are visualized on lane 0 would actually deliver no data.


Some additional info:

I use a meso model in my example, maybe that contributes to the described problems.


Thank you very much for your support and best regards,

Manuel Walch


Manuel Walch, BA, MSc

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University of Applied Sciences Up
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