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Re: [sumo-user] Setting lane changing parameters to effect SUMO lane-behaviour

This lack of parameter support was unintended and has now been fixed. You can obtain an updated version tomorrow at

Am Do., 20. Jan. 2022 um 17:30 Uhr schrieb Hriday Sanghvi via sumo-user <sumo-user@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

I will tell you what happens when I comment them out in order. So if I comment out the line for minGapLat, I get:

the same error for lcPushyGap, and on commenting that,

I get the same error for lcMaxSpeedLatStanding and then for lcMaxSpeedLatFactor.

After that, there are no errors. Also, to be clear, I am trying out all the attributes that have SL2015 model listed as supported in the table on

Thank you.


On Thu, 20 Jan 2022 at 16:18, Jakob Erdmann <namdre.sumo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
parameter laneChangeModel.minGapLat is only supported in the latest development version (schedule for release next week).
The other parameters should work with 1.11.0 though. Which ones did you try?

Am Do., 20. Jan. 2022 um 17:07 Uhr schrieb Hriday Sanghvi via sumo-user <sumo-user@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

I have a simple singular 2-lane road network. Currently, I have set the lateral-resolution parameter to 3.2 (same as default lane width?) in my SUMO configuration file:

        <collision.action value="warn"/>
        <collision.mingap-factor value="0.0"/>
        <collision.check-junctions value="true"/>
        <time-to-teleport value="-1" />
        <lateral-resolution value="3.2" />

to activate the sublane model. From , "The lane-changing model SL2015 is automatically used when enabling the sublane model."

I want a particular learning model to be able to set the lane-changing parameters of vehicles in a flow with the hope that SUMO lane-changing behavioural variables will display a difference in the behaviour.

I have found that the way to control these parameters (example) is using something like
traci.vehicle.setParameter(objID='f.0', param="laneChangeModel.lcStrategic", value=str(1.0))

So the param can be any attribute used here from by the SL2015 lane-changing model. But when I try to use all the parameters that are supported by SL2015 model, I get an error like

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 69, in <module>
    traci.vehicle.setParameter(objID=vh, param="laneChangeModel.minGapLat", value=str(0.6))
  File "/usr/share/sumo/tools/traci/", line 220, in setParameter
  File "/usr/share/sumo/tools/traci/", line 108, in _sendExact
    raise TraCIException(err, prefix[1], _RESULTS[prefix[2]])
traci.exceptions.TraCIException: Vehicle 'ghost' does not support laneChangeModel parameter 'laneChangeModel.minGapLat' (Setting parameter 'minGapLat' is not supported for laneChangeModel of type 'SL2015').

When I comment that out, it jumps to the same error but for another one of the attributes. Am I doing something wrong here, or have I understood something incorrectly? I would appreciate any clarity on the matter.

Thank you.

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