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[sumo-user] Setting lane changing parameters to effect SUMO lane-behaviour


I have a simple singular 2-lane road network. Currently, I have set the lateral-resolution parameter to 3.2 (same as default lane width?) in my SUMO configuration file:

        <collision.action value="warn"/>
        <collision.mingap-factor value="0.0"/>
        <collision.check-junctions value="true"/>
        <time-to-teleport value="-1" />
        <lateral-resolution value="3.2" />

to activate the sublane model. From , "The lane-changing model SL2015 is automatically used when enabling the sublane model."

I want a particular learning model to be able to set the lane-changing parameters of vehicles in a flow with the hope that SUMO lane-changing behavioural variables will display a difference in the behaviour.

I have found that the way to control these parameters (example) is using something like
traci.vehicle.setParameter(objID='f.0', param="laneChangeModel.lcStrategic", value=str(1.0))

So the param can be any attribute used here from by the SL2015 lane-changing model. But when I try to use all the parameters that are supported by SL2015 model, I get an error like

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 69, in <module>
    traci.vehicle.setParameter(objID=vh, param="laneChangeModel.minGapLat", value=str(0.6))
  File "/usr/share/sumo/tools/traci/", line 220, in setParameter
  File "/usr/share/sumo/tools/traci/", line 108, in _sendExact
    raise TraCIException(err, prefix[1], _RESULTS[prefix[2]])
traci.exceptions.TraCIException: Vehicle 'ghost' does not support laneChangeModel parameter 'laneChangeModel.minGapLat' (Setting parameter 'minGapLat' is not supported for laneChangeModel of type 'SL2015').

When I comment that out, it jumps to the same error but for another one of the attributes. Am I doing something wrong here, or have I understood something incorrectly? I would appreciate any clarity on the matter.

Thank you.


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