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Re: [sumo-user] Taxi warning: could not add stop, too close to brake

The issue which is causing the warning has been fixed in the latest development version. You can download it at

Am Sa., 1. Jan. 2022 um 17:58 Uhr schrieb Griffin Hanekamp <griffhanekamp@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hi sumo users,

My taxi fleet implementation is occasionally causing the following warning: Could not add taxi stop for vehicle 'taxi37' to pickup 9 (3). time=120.00 error=stop for vehicle 'taxi37' on lane 'E5E4_1' is too close to brake.

I've attached a video showing the referenced taxi at the moment the warning occurs (driving south at 120 s). The speed limit on all edges is 50 km/h, and each edge is 100 m. 

Is there a way to override this warning and allow the taxi to still pick up the passenger, while still maintaining "realistic" vehicle behavior?


Griffin Hanekamp
Technical University of Munich | 2022
Georgia Institute of Technology | 2017
M. +4917632120070
Other. +16308095148
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