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[sumo-user] Taxi warning: could not add stop, too close to brake

Hi sumo users,

My taxi fleet implementation is occasionally causing the following warning: Could not add taxi stop for vehicle 'taxi37' to pickup 9 (3). time=120.00 error=stop for vehicle 'taxi37' on lane 'E5E4_1' is too close to brake.

I've attached a video showing the referenced taxi at the moment the warning occurs (driving south at 120 s). The speed limit on all edges is 50 km/h, and each edge is 100 m. 

Is there a way to override this warning and allow the taxi to still pick up the passenger, while still maintaining "realistic" vehicle behavior?


Griffin Hanekamp
Technical University of Munich | 2022
Georgia Institute of Technology | 2017
M. +4917632120070
Other. +16308095148

Attachment: Taxi brake distance
Description: QuickTime movie

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