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Re: [sumo-user] Realistic Simulation with traffic data and calibration

1) due to some unusual geometry (possibly related to the footpath), the connection is incorrectly classified as a partly-left turn rather than a turn-around and so get created despite the no-turnaround options. You could try importing with option ' passenger' to get rid of the footpath.
2) Yes. It's common for the lane numbers in OSM to be incomplete. See 'remark for data consumers' at
Obviously, this can be a major source of jamming in the simulation.


Am Di., 14. Apr. 2020 um 18:47 Uhr schrieb Tetris <schmelter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Thank you, I will try this.

Furthermore I got data for the traffic lights to set the tls programs more
accurate. I used and got warnings like that:
"Warning: No link definition for connection (24654535#0_1, -24678549#1_1)!.
Using 'g' by default."
But this connection really shouldn't have any traffic on it. This would be a
turnaround on an intersection. I already used --no-turnarounds and

I also noticed that there was one lane missing in the network. The road has
3 lanes in google maps. But somehow openstreetmap exported only 2 lanes. Is
that a common bug? 

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