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[sumo-user] problem with multiple clients of TraCI in sumo 0.31


As new version of SUMO (0.31) supports the multiple clients of TraCI, I
have implemented it in c++ API.

The problem is that the function of setOrder which is implemented in
TraCIAPI.cpp , does not work correctly since if i set the input value of
the function as 1 (setorder(1)),
the value of message which is sent to the socket is nor 1 (outMsg =! 1 ),
neither same as the value of message of checking function
(check_resultState(inMsg) -> inMsg=! 1).

it means the setting value for setOrder function does not depend on input
value, both setOrder(1) and setOrder(2) send same message with same value
to the socket !

so the value can not be set correctly, then simulation step won't work!

It would be great if anybody can help.

Thanks and best regards
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