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[sumo-user] traffic lights


I use the following nod. , edg. and tll. xml files in order to define my network (this is a small part of my network, only 3 nodes). The road segment is a two-way road consisting of 3 lanes each. In the second node I have a light traffic. I realised that in order not to get an error I had to define the light traffic states with 8 letters (8 possible directions). Is this a default case for sumo? What if I had in real, only 6 directions? Do I have to define this somewhere in the xml files?

P.S. This occurs only with the two-way roads. In case of an one direction road the number of the required letters in the states of light traffic is equal to the number of lanes.


	<node id="1" x="22.970728" y="40.574811" z="0.7"/>
    <node id="2" x="22.96996" y="40.57629" z="0.7" type="traffic_light"/>
	<node id="3" x="22.9697" y="40.5769" z="0.7”/>

	<edge id="1" from="1" to="2" numLanes="3"/>
        <edge id="1i" from="2" to="1" numLanes="3"/>
	<edge id="2" from="2" to="3" numLanes="3"/>
    	<edge id="2i" from="3" to="2" numLanes="3”/>

    <tlLogic id="2" type="static" programID="0" offset="0">
          <phase duration="20" state="GGGGGGGG"/>
          <phase duration="5" state="yyyyyyyy"/>
          <phase duration="20" state="rrrrrrrr"/>
          <phase duration="5" state="yyyyyyyy"/>
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