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[sumo-user] Trouble with Matplotlib for sumo

I tried unsuccessfully to run some of the Visualization/tools of SUMO, let us say, for instance <SUMO home>/tools/visualization/> 
These programs call the python tool "Python27\Lib\site-packages\matplotlib\cbook\" which in there turn call 
"matplotlib.cbook. is_string_like" 
I get the message "from matplotlib.cbook cannot import is_string_like" 
As a matter of fact, looking in matplotlib documentation, this instruction "is_string_like" does appears as depreciated 
Nevertheless I didn't find something wrong with my Sumo installation (2017) and its matplotlib inside 
Please, would it be possible to have an hint ? 
I thank you very much for help on these more than usefull visualization tools 
Michel Souweine 
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