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[sumo-user] FatalTraCIError

Hello sumo user,

I get this error and I coud not undrstand it. Could anybody help me find
the source of the error?

 while traci.simulation.getMinExpectedNumber() > 0:
  File "/usr/share/sumo/tools/traci/", line 175, in
    return self._getUniversal(tc.VAR_MIN_EXPECTED_VEHICLES)
  File "/usr/share/sumo/tools/traci/", line 118, in _getUniversal
    self._cmdGetID, varID, objectID)
  File "/usr/share/sumo/tools/traci/", line 131, in
    return self._checkResult(cmdID, varID, objID)
  File "/usr/share/sumo/tools/traci/", line 159, in
    result = self._sendExact()
  File "/usr/share/sumo/tools/traci/", line 112, in _sendExact
traci.exceptions.: Received answer 171 for command 196.

I would also to prevent vehicles from changing lanes. I see that there is
three modes of changing lane and I want to disable all of them. Does
anybody have an idea about how to do it?

*Best regards*

*Phd student -Umi University.*
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