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Re: [sumo-user] Problem with traffic light

by default, netconvert guesses connections for every edge that does not have any connections defined.
If you specify at least a single connection, nothing else should be guessed.
If you want to specify that some edges do not have any outgoing connections you need to add a connection element like this:
<connection from="<FROM_EDGE_ID>"/>

If that does not solve your problem, send me the input files for your network, the netconvert options, the generated network and the id of an intersection that gets more connections than it should.


2017-10-24 14:57 GMT+02:00 羅先豪 via sumo-user <sumo-user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

I want to set traffic lights in simulation, but there're errors.
I checked my add., con. and net. file, and found that the numbers of
*links in con. file(I have set)* in each intersection are different from
*signal state characters in net. file(produced by netconvert)*.
There're always more in net. file.
It really confused me and made me unable to set my own traffic light.
I thought it should be equal. Why did it happen?

Al Lo
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