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Re: [sumo-user] Strange behaviour of pedestrians

the problem with the scenarios arises due to different discretizations of the sublane model and the pedestrian model:
The pedestrian model works with a default stripe width of 0.65m which is just 5cm to narrow for 7 stripes on a road of 4.5m width.
Hence the pedestrians only get 6 stripes and do not "see" that there is enough space on the road to avoid the vehicle.
The vehicle on the other hand has a fine-grained discretization and intends to pass the pedestrians without lateral changing. When the pedestrians notice the vehicle on their own stripe they jump away to avoid the collision.
If works much better if you add the parameter
<pedestrian.striping.stripe-width value="0.64"/>
to your sumocfg.


2017-10-05 15:04 GMT+02:00 FIXED-TERM Beutelschiess Stephan (GS/EPT1) <fixed-term.Stephan.Beutelschiess@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Hi all,


I have another problem with the behavior of pedestrians in combination with vehicles. Attached are two scenarios.



When a vehicle approaches a group of passengers, they jump out of the way and stop, until the vehicle passed.



Quiet similar to scenario1 but with a higher dawdling value for the pedestrians. Here, also the last person jumps off the way. The middle one is slowed down when the vehicle approaches from behind.


I used SUMO version r26280 but also tried the released version 0.31.0.


I really would appreciate if somebody could fix this. I don’t think the simulations behavior is correct like this.


Best regards,


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