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Re: [sumo-user] Crash in person simulation

Thank you for reporting this issue and providing the example scenario. I had occasionally noticed this crash before but was never able to reproduce it reliably until now.
It has been fixed in revision [26335] (


2017-10-05 9:02 GMT+02:00 FIXED-TERM Beutelschiess Stephan (GS/EPT1) <fixed-term.Stephan.Beutelschiess@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Dear all,


I have a problem simulating a scenario containing many pedestrians. The simulation crashes at different simulation times at about second 1400 or later.


I am using SUMO version r26280 but also tried the released version 0.31.0.  


I really would appreciate if somebody has an idea how to solve this.


Best regards

Stephan Beutelschiess

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