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Re: [sumo-user] Iteration over TLS Phases using TraCI

setPhaseDuration only applies to the current active phase and is forgotten the next time that phase comes up in the cycle.
To customize all durations beforehand you need to use the command setCompleteRedYellowGreenDefinition() with a customized tls object.
An example tls object with all its phases and durations can be obtained using command getCompleteRedYellowGreenDefinition()

2017-10-04 5:55 GMT+02:00 Pedro Matuck <pjmatuck@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hello guys,

there's any way to iterate among TLS phases in order to change it's phase's duration using TraCI?

I created a network where I will use reinforcement learning to find the optimal format in order to rise the vehicles flow.

I thought in a logic to do that:
1) Get TLS IDs List
2) For each one: Check the state with getReadYellowGreenState() to figure out the number of phases
3) Iterate in each Phase using setPhase(), from 0 to 'number_of_phases' - 1
4) Use SetPhaseDuration() to change the value

The question is: There's some more straight approach to get this?

Best Regards.

Pedro J. Matuck

"The hardest battle lies within."

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