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[sumo-user] Parallel processing


I'm using Sumo with Traci in Python. 
I want to run multiple simulation in parallel.
I did find out that this is possible with:["sumo", "-c", "sim1.sumocfg", "--remote-port", "8813"])
 conn1 = traci.connect(8813)["sumo", "-c", "sim2.sumocfg", "--remote-port", "8814"])
 conn2 = traci.connect(8814)
 conn1.simulationStep() # run 1 step for sim1
 conn2.simulationStep() # run 1 step for sim2
When I call  simulation hangs at connecting. I did try to use several different port number but the result was the same. 
I'm using Windows machine and I also tried to run simulations with Firewall turned off, but this did not help.

Does someone know what could be the problem here?
I'm using latest SUMO nightly build.

Another question:
Is running every simulation in separate process with traci.start([...])  a correct way to do? 
[label is not specified, default value is used] 
By process I mean Process object from multiprocessing library.

Kind regards,

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