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[sumo-user] Mal-formed XML from polyconvert


I've noticed that the polyconvert <>
tool does not escape values from OSM when run with the --all-attributes
flag. This makes the resulting XML file unusable, since the OSM values
could contain "&" or quote characters:

    <poly id="43807811" type="building" color="255,230,230" fill="1"
layer="-1.00" shape="6931.18,1489.45 6921.39,1518.45 6957.12,1530.43
6966.91,1501.43 6931.18,1489.45">
        <param key="building" value="yes"/>
        <param key="building:colour" value="red"/>
        <param key="building:material" value="brick"/>
        <param key="heritage" value="yes"/>
        <param key="note" value="Future condo with "heritage" facade"/>

(Note the unescaped quotes in the last value.)

Let me know if you need more details to reproduce, or if there's a better
place to file issues. (I wasn't able to create an account on the SUMO TRAC

  - Dan
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