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[sumo-user] Distance and coordinates conversion from sumo to ns3


I was trying to have vehicles running with a constant speed and a fixed
intervehicle gap with the vehicle 0 is the leader and 5 others vehicles
following it in respect to their ID order. I followed the steps in here
and could see in sumo-gui that the vehicle gap is fixed and quite small.

The problem is that when I export the trace to ns2mobility format and run
an application in ns3 that computes the distance between node 0 and the
others nodes, I see that node 2 is much more closer to the node 0 than node
1 which is not the case in sumo-gui where vehicles are moving in the good

Note : I use sumo-0.24.0 and  after using the command
--fcd-input trip.xml --ns2mobility-output mobility.tcl -b 0 -e 3000
 I get the ns2 tracefile where I change node (0.x)--> node (x).

Can someone please help know the reason of that ?

Best Regards

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