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Re: [sumo-user] Traffic light phases

In my experience, reasonable traffic flow on OSM networks can be achieved after doing the following:
- building the network with the option --tls.default-type actuated
- joining complex junction clusters into a single junction wherever possible


2017-09-18 20:58 GMT+02:00 Luke Kakadukl <koseninc8@xxxxxxxxx>:
Thank you for your answer.

Unfortunately those two scripts does not solve my problem.
Script does optimize phases duration but not its states :(
I'm looking for a script which would provide road traffic flow by optimizing traffic lights states and duration.

Best regards,

2017-09-17 16:33 GMT+02:00 Luke Kakadukl <koseninc8@xxxxxxxxx>:

In my simulation I'm using network imported via
Problem is that imported traffic lights allows very poor traffic flows, in other words their phases needs to be optimized in some way. 
I did optimize some of them using NETEDIT program, but this procedure is quite time consuming, especially if network contains a lot of traffic lights (in my case it does).
Is there any solution to optimize traffic lights phases (other than by hand)?

Best regards,

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