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Re: [sumo-user] Adding vehicle via Traci

you can force a vehicle into the network using traci.vehicle.moveTo regardless of --max-num-vehicles

2017-09-16 15:40 GMT+02:00 Luke Kakadukl <koseninc8@xxxxxxxxx>:
I have build simulation where traffic signal preemption for emergency vehicles is simulated. 
Before simulation starts generates trips to perform random road traffic.
Simulation is started with setting where max number of vehicles in each time step is defined
During simulation emergency vehicles are inserted at random time step, there the problem occurs.
Max number of vehicles might be reach and emergency vehicle will not be inserted

Is there any possible way to do simulation with specified max number of vehicles and insert emergency vehicle regardless if then max number of vehicles exceeds the defined number?
Or could someone suggests better solution?

Max number of vehicles is defined to prevent grid lock -> too much vehicles in the simulation.

Best regards,

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