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Re: [sumo-user] TripInfo Output: Missing Attributes

development version [25860] contains additional information (

2017-09-05 18:16 GMT+02:00 Albiston, Gregory 2012 (PGR) <gregory.albiston2012@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:


I've been looking at the tripinfo-output results data when using the multi-stage person specification  and there is an inconsistency in the reporting of "walk" and "ride".

In the generated data the "ride" output has "depart", "arrival" and "arrivalPos" but the "walk" output only contains "arrival" and "arrivalPos", see picture provided.

This means that calculating the duration of the "walk" requires the previous line of data, which is an additional headache when parsing.

It would be useful if the "walk" could have the "depart" attribute included as well to simplify processing and for consistency.

An additional point is that the "stop" lines don't include the "actType", which have been specified in the person routing file. The stops specification wiki page ( says that this attribute is "displayed for stopped person in GUI and output files (only applies to person simulation)".

It would again be really useful if this attribute was included in the output, so that there isn't a need to refer back to the original routing plan.

Apologies if I've missed that there are configuration parameters for this information to be output.



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