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Re: [sumo-user] Creation of scenario with TAZ, limited cars and trips between TAZs

TAZ are used for two distinct things:
1) selecting alternative depart/arrival edges from a set (,_Vehicle_Types,_and_Routes#Traffic_assignement_zones_.28TAZ.29) to minimize travel time
2) selecting random alternative depart/arrival edges from a set according to pre-defined random weights to disaggregate traffic demand which is specified at the zone-level (

2017-09-01 2:39 GMT+02:00 Pedro Matuck <pjmatuck@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hi guys,

I adopted SUMO to help me on my mastering course.
On this stage, I need to create a simple scenario with two districts, for example: 'residencial area' and 'business area'. So, from a grid network, I need to invoke cars from residential area to business area under some controlled attributes like number of cars, time between departures and so on.

I managed to create the grid network using NETGENERATE e did some stuff manually. However, I need to automate some process using TraCi in order to parameterize the simulation and all the documentation is confusing me, mainly regarding TAZs.

There're some SUMO user that could help me with these steps?

Thank you so much in advance.

Best regards,

Pedro J. Matuck

"The hardest battle lies within."

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