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[sumo-user] Head on collision



I have created the following simple network to simulate the overtaking of a
vehicle using the opposite lane:




  <edge id="0to1" from="0" to="1" numLanes="1" speed="30" >

      <neigh lane="1to0_0" />



  <edge id="1to0" from="1" to="0" numLanes="1" speed="30" >

      <neigh lane="0to1_0" />






I need to simulate the head-on accident and when I use the TraCI to change
lane to the opposite direction, the vehicle changes lane to the opposite
lane, but changes back to its original lane. I set the lane change mode to
0, so to disable the safety check, but it does not help. Can you help me on
that? thanks!



- Mani

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