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[sumo-user] Lenght - Internal Lanes

i built a network using NETEDIT and it created some junction, connections
and intersecctions.

In one interseccion (No8), I identified 4 internal junctions (No8_0_0,
No8_1_0, No8_2_0 and No8_3_0).

In this part of my network the vehicle travel in this way:
-Lane1 > No8_1_0 > No8_3_0 > Lane17

-Lane1: length 70.25
No8_1_0: length 3.09
No8_3_0: lenght  4.79
Lane17: lenght 40.5

To analyze accumulated distance, second by second, of a vehicle, im using
netstate-dump output. And to analyze the total lenght travelled im using
the tripinfo-output.

So, i notice that when a vehicle is at No8_3_0, the distance accumulated
doesnt consider the No8_1_0 lenght.

When my vehicle is at Lane17, the lenght that it traveled passing trought
No8_1_0 and No8_3_0 is 3.09, but it should be 7.88 (3.09 + 4.79).

Is is correct?

I dont know if it helps, but the junctions are writted like:

    <junction id="No8" type="priority" x="0.00" y="75.00"
incLanes="-Lane1_0 Lane2_0" intLanes=":No8_0_0 :No8_3_0 :No8_2_0"
shape="-3.25,76.50 3.25,76.50 4.75,74.95 4.75,71.75 3.25,70.25 -3.25,70.25">
        <request index="0" response="000" foes="000" cont="0"/>
        <request index="1" response="100" foes="100" cont="1"/>
        <request index="2" response="000" foes="010" cont="0"/>

    <junction id=":No8_3_0" type="internal" x="0.05" y="74.11"
incLanes=":No8_1_0 Lane2_0" intLanes=":No8_2_0"/>

    <connection from=":No8_1" to="Lane17" fromLane="0" toLane="0"
via=":No8_3_0" dir="s" state="m"/>

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