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[sumo-user] traci.vehicle.getDistance() crashes SUMO

Good day,

I've been running a few of traci's functions to obtain data, however
traci.vehicle.getDistance() does not work. The attached picture shows the
error I obtain from Matlab.

When it reaches this line of the code, SUMO freezes and has to be shut down
via the task manager. Please note that traci.vehicle.getDistance() was not
available in the traci_test2.m file and I found it through the SUMO wiki.

Is this because this function no longer works? Is there an alternative
method to get the distance of the vehicle? I hope to monitor the distance
the vehicle covers and the general distance from the first edge until its
last edge via Matlab.

Appreciate the helping hand~


P.S. A bonus question, is there a way to monitor the acceleration and
deceleration of the vehicle? Both traci.vehicle.getAccel() and
traci.vehicle.getDecel() seem to provide only the maximum values. Does it
require division of the instantaneous speed value against time or
differentiate the speed curve to obtain the acceleration as an alternative

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