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[sumo-dev] Vehicles can't randomly select lanes to enter the road

Dear Sir/Madam,

I've encountered some issues regarding the randomness of lane selection for traffic flow entering road sections while using Sumo to establish simulation models. As shown in the attached 'netedit', vehicles should enter from section E0, pass through the intersection, and then enter section E3. Both sections E0 and E3 are dual-lane. As shown in the attached 'rou', I have set the traffic flow to freely choose the lane (E0_0/E0_1) when entering E0 by using the code "departlane="random"". However, as shown in the attached 'sumocfg', all vehicles will choose to enter from lane E0_0 into the E0 section. I would like to know how to debug the code in order to truly implement the random selection of lanes by vehicles when entering a section.

Look forward to hearing from you

Warm regards

Yours sincerely


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