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[sumo-dev] plot_net_dump visualization


I was trying to get a plot using plot_net_dump python script but it seems like nothing is plotted.
I used the following command:
python .SUMO HOME/ -v -n --measures speed,entered --xlabel [m] --ylabel [m]  --default-width 0.5 -i  dumps_0_500.xml,dumps_500_1000.xml --xlim 300,1500 --ylim 1100,2300 --min-color-value -1000 --max-color-value 1000 --min-width-value -1000 --max-width-value 1000 --colormap seismic

And nothing gets colored on the map. I ran the simulation with a random traffic using and with this code for the additional file:
<edgeData id="dumps_0_500" freq="20" file="dumps_0_500.xml" excludeEmpty="true" begin="0" end="500"/>
<edgeData id="dumps_500_1000" freq="20" file="dumps_500_1000.xml" excludeEmpty="true" begin="500" end="1000"/>

The output file looks like this:

Do you know which may be the problem?

Thanks a lot,

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