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Re: [sumo-dev] Question about Hardware Requirement


I had similar issues as described by Haotian Li with the SSM device when calculating SSM measures for many vehicles. I had the impression the number of simultaneous SSM vehicles was more important in this case but did not do more formal checks. In my case, I solved it by refining the research question to only enable the device for certain vehicles (e.g. by type, by route,...)

Best regards

Am 23.08.2021 um 11:47 schrieb Jakob Erdmann:
the SSM device is not very memory efficient and has only been used on medium sized scenarios thus far.
However, a shutdown of the simulation might also be due to a software bug (i.e. due to a combination of untested options or an untested traffic situation).

Does the simulation complete successfully without SSM  device?
Does the simulation complete with SSM device and default scale value? How much memory does it consume in this case?
How big is the simulation (total number of vehicles, approximate number of simultaneous vehicles)?


Am Mo., 23. Aug. 2021 um 09:58 Uhr schrieb Haotian Li <>:
To whom it may concern:

I am Haotian Li, a senior student from UCD and BJUT. I'm here to ask something about the hardware requirement for sumo-gui. I am working on a summer internship using this software as a tool. When I tried to simulate the urban networks using the scale of 3(try to provide traffic jams), I used SSM devices to detect TTC and PET and record conflict loading in conflict.xml and do statistics research after simulation ended. However, I found that 16G RAM can't afford the stress of caching index files and it would break down while simulating. Then, I tried the 32G one and it would also shut down even if the memory usage is not high. Would you please give me some suggestions to fix it? Or I may forgive this scenario because the DDL is approaching. Looking forward to your reply. Have a nice day!

Yours sincerely,
Haotian Li
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