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[sumo-dev] Compiling SUMO with Python3 bindings




I have successfully compiled Sumo from source under Linux, including the GUI, but there are a few bits and pieces I don’t understand or that I find unsatisfactory:


I haven’t managed to compile Sumo with Python3 bindings. I have installed python3-dev and all, but according to config.log, configure only searches in /usr/include/python2.7. However, when I install python-dev, compilation will go through, and I can import libsumo even from a python3 prompt. But then again, I really would like to compile against python3 to avoid problems.


When I try to set Paths using CPPFLAGS, configure will not work, since CPPFLAGS won’t be added to the search path, but will replace it, ie, configure then searches for gcc in /usr/include/python3. This obviously fails.


Using cmake doesn’t work at all – it complains about a number of missing libraries (which I don’t want to install and don’t need) and I couldn’t find documentation about how to switch this off.



I’d be very grateful if someone could drop a few hints about how to get going!











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