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Re: [sumo-dev] Nesting vTypeDistributions

Nesting does not work as you expect.
When loading typedist3, one random type from typedist1 and another random type from typeDist2 are drawn and only these two types are used in dist3 with the (re-normalized) probabilities they had in their original distributions.

Am Di., 11. Dez. 2018 um 07:52 Uhr schrieb Hannes Rewald <hannes.rewald@xxxxxxx>:
Hello dear all,

Recently, I discovered that it seems to be possible to nest vTypeDistributions in route files. However, I do not know how to specify the probabilities of the child-vTypeDistributions (typedist1 and typedist2) within typedist3 in the example below:

<vTypeDistribution id="typedist1">
<vType id="vt_1a" probability="0.5"/>
<vType id="vt_1b" probability="0.5"/>

<vTypeDistribution id="typedist2">
<vType id="vt_2a" probability="0.66"/>
<vType id="vt_2b" probability="0.33"/>

<!-- works, but how to specify probabilities of typedist1 and typedist2 in typedist3? -->
<vTypeDistribution id="typedist3" vTypes="typedist1 typedist2"/>

<!-- what is the resulting distribution of vt_1a, vt_1b, vt_2a, vt_2b in that flow? -->
<flow id="flow_typedist3" from="beg" to="end" begin="0" type="typedist3"/>

The flow flow_typedist3 is created by SUMO and vehicles from both typedist1 and typedist2 get spawned, although I cannot guess the ratio. Changing the probabilities of the four vTypes did not seem to have an influence on that ratio as well.

Could you help me out with understanding that behavior or provide a hint on how to build flows from nested vTypeDistributions?

Best, and thanks for your help!

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