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[sumo-dev] NaN-Check in TraCI


we heavily use polygons to visualize data within sumo. During the
development of the visualization we run into an error which terminated
sumo with an error message similar to: "pure virtual function called".

The reason was a error in one of our calculations for the shapes used
as polygons. The position of the shapes was filled with NaNs which we
provided to sumo via TraCI. I didn't locate the code where the error
ultimately arises, but i guess it has something to do with the used
RTree which sorts the polygons by their positions. Since relational
operators for NaNs always fails, i guess that this cause the error

Due to the error message i suspected an memory handling error within
sumo. I wasted a lot of time before i noticed the NaNs. Therefore as
an enhancement i would suggest to add NaN checks in the implementation
of TraCI. A proper error message would prevent other developers to run
into the same issues.

What do you think about it? Shall i create a issue on github?

Kind regards,


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