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[sumo-dev] detector placement netedit (and sumo-gui)


There was a bug that has quickly been fixed regarding the persistence of 
detector attributes.
- thanks for the help!

However, when creating detectors in netedit and
subsequently moving them closer to the end of an edge (without crossing it)
doing so by editing of the position attribute in the additionals xml, 
and reloading afterwards,
they tend to get dropped.
Meaning: they are not read anymore or at least do not show up in the 
rendering of the scenario,
while also missing from the additionals list.

As a second issue, detectors appear at different positions in netedit 
ans SUMO.
(see attachment)
This is strangely only apparent for E1 detectors in the example.


Attachment: detector-locs_netedit.png
Description: detector-locs_netedit.png

Attachment: detector-locs_sumo.png
Description: detector-locs_sumo.png

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