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[sumo-dev] Understanding Wiedemann Model Implementation in SUMO

Hi SUMO Team,

I want to understand how different components of car-following model (specifically Wiedemann model) and lane-changing model work together in SUMO. There are many functions, e.g. finalizeSpeed, followSpeed, etc. that are used in MSCFModel and MSCFModel_Wiedemann files. But it is not very clear how they work together.

Is there any documentation that you could provide that helps to understand how these components fit together?

I've also noticed that many equations in the Wiedemann.cpp file are different from the Wiedemann model publication:

Wiedemann, R. and Reiter, U., 1992. Microscopic traffic simulation: the simulation system MISSION, background and actual state. CEC Project ICARUS (V1052), Final Report, 2. 

I hope to implement the original model after understanding the current implementation. 

best regards,
Umair Durrani 
Ph.D. Candidate
Civil and Environmental Engineering

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