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Re: [sumo-dev] netconvert of xodr files - unexplained offset

Hello Gerald,
thank you for bringing this up.
the reason is explained here:

2018-04-06 19:42 GMT+02:00 Richter Gerald <Gerald.Richter@xxxxxxxxx>:

Dear list,

recently I have been experimenting with xodr sources and their conversion to sumo net files.
Apart from encountering minor issues regarding the xodr compliance to standard v1.2 in netconvert,

I got suspicious of the fidelity of the geometry conversion while inserting signals as POIs.

The problem can be seen in the attached image.
It shows the rendering of lane-slabs (yellow) extracted from the odr file to wkt-files, which rather nicely matches the sat-map.
The xodr lanes are separated and bounded by the roadmarks in white and fit right next to each other.

When doing the same for the conversion result lane-data by using,
some differences show up. Cyan thin lines show the presumed center-lines of the lanes,
and the hatched slabs are the lane-polygons resulting from adding the width/2 left and right of the center line.
They do not fit tightly as there is some space in between.

I checked this for some scenarios and a deviation shows consistently.
The good match between the xodr lanes and the satelite-images lets me assume that I did something right on that end.

Does anybody know of this issue? How to circumvent it?
I can provide such a comparison on some test-data, given the xodr-features are not too fancy...
and am willing to help.




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