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[sumo-announce] SUMO 1.7.0 released

Dear friends and users,
we are happy to announce the release of SUMO version 1.7.0.
The download links are at

This release brings you a load of new traci functions and even new domains.
There are many more features and fixes in this release and the most important ones are listed below.
For a full list of changes, as always see

=== Enhancements ===
- Simulation
  - Added option **--person-summary-output** which causes statistics on person numbers and their travel modes to be written in every simulation step.
  - Option **--scale** now also applies to persons.
  - Taxi pickup and drop-off location can now be restricted to public transport stops
  - Added new taxi dispatch algorithm 'routeExtension'.
- netconvert
  - Added new node attribute 'tlLayout' to configure signal plan layout per node.
  - Added new traffic light layout 'alternateOneWay' to model work zones where each direction uses the interior of a joined traffic light exclusively.
  - Added option --roundabouts.visibility-distance to set the default visibility distance when entering a roundabout. The new default is 9 meters which leads to smoother flow.
- netedit
  - Elements can now be marked as 'front element' (F11) to facilitate working with overlapped objects in move mode and traffic light mode.
  - Added junction context-menu option 'convert to roundabout'.
  - Vehicles and Flows with their own (unnamed) route can now be created directly.
  - LaneAreaDetectors with multiple lanes can now be created.

- sumo-gui
  - A color legend for vehicle colors can now be enabled via the 'Legend' tab.
  - Vehicles can now be stopped and stops can be aborted via context menu.
- TraCI
  - Added new function 'simulation.loadState' for quick-loading a saved simulation state.
  - Added new function 'vehicle.getStops'. This can be used to retrieve the next or last n stops. The method returns a list of stop objects with extended attributes.
  - The python client now supports the optional argument 'traceFile' in function traci.start which records all traci commands to the given file (also works for libsumo.start). The optional boolean argument 'traceGetters' can be used to switch off tracing of data retrieval functions.
  - Added function 'vehicle.replaceStop' which replaces the upcoming stop with the given index and automatically adapts the route to the new stop edge.
  - Added function 'vehicle.getFollower' which works like getLeader but looks backwards.
  - Function 'person.moveToXY' is now officially supported whenever a person is walking or stopped. It can be used to move a person to an arbitrary place and will update the route accordingly.
  - Added functionality for retrieving lane, position and stopped vehicles for traci domains 'busstop', 'parkingarea', 'chargingstation' and 'overheadwire'.
  - Added functions 'routeprobe.sampleLastRouteID' and 'traci.routeprobe.sampleCurrentRouteID'.
  - Added function 'gui.track' which can be used to track persons.
  - Added functions 'gui.isSelected' and 'gui.toggleSelection' to retrieve and modify selection status.
- Tools
  - Added new tool to compute the fraction of delayed vehicles along a defined corridor.
  - Added new tool net2geojson for converting a .net.xml file into GeoJSON format.
  - Added new tool to add random stop delays to a route file.
=== Bugfixes ===

- Simulation
  - Fixed invalid amount of charged energy in subsecond simulation when using battery device.
  - Fixed invalid error when setting vehicle stop.
  - Fixed bugs that were causing vehicle collisions.
  - Fixed deadlock on intersection.
  - Fixed bugs where pedestrians would step onto the road when it wasn't safe.
  - Fixed various sublane model issues
  - CarFollowModel fixes: 'KraussPS' no longer stalls at steep inclines, Multiple fixes to 'W99'
  - Person rides with a specified arrivalPos no longer exit their vehicle prematurely.
  - Various fixes to waypoints
  - Various railway fixes related to collisions and emergency braking
  - Vehicles no longer get stuck when setting 'maxSpeedLatStanding=0'.
- netconvert
  - Fixed missing busStops when importing public transport lines from OSM.
  - Fixed invalid error when patching network with netdiff patches.
  - Fixed invalid keepClear state for intersections without cross-traffic.
- netedit
  - Fixed bugs that were causing crashes
  - Fixed bug where all passenger lanes changed their permissions when adding a sidewalk.
  - Fixed bug that caused inconsistent output when modifying the traffic light index of connections.
- TraCI
  - Fixed memory leaks when using libsumo.
  - Fixed invalid vehicle placement when using 'vehicle.moveToXY'
  - Fixed crash when accessing prior riding stage with 'person.getStage'.
A big thanks to all contributors!

Have fun with the new release and see you in cyberspace at the SUMO User Conference!
Giuliana, Melanie, Johannes, Matthias, Michael, Yun-Pang, Angelo, Laura, Pablo, Jakob and Robert

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