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[subversive-dev] Committer Election for Nicolas Peifer on Eclipse Subversive SVN Team Provider has started

A committer election for Nicolas Peifer on project Eclipse Subversive SVN
Team Provider (technology.subversive) was started by Alexander Gurov with
this criteria:

The current project's team does not have any active members with the
resources to improve it, while the project itself is still important to many
people. Nicolas Peifer suggests to become the active project's member with
the following plan:

The following key points outline their contribution plans more detailed:
- Main goal: Make Subversive compatible with the most recent Eclipse release
and make it available through the Marketplace again
- Integrate the project to Eclipse's infrastructure (Git, Jenkins etc.) as
much as possible
- Bugfixing: Fix bugs which we or others encounter
- Fix broken links on the Subversive homepage and keep the site up to date
(e. g. provide information about the latest release and a roadmap of the
ongoing development)
- Keep an eye on the mailing lists and bug reports and try to help users or
- Provide sufficient information on the project's homepage about how to
contribute code to the project
- Encourage people to contribute code when no one can tackle an issue (i. e.
bug report or feature request) in a timely manner

As the current project leader I greatly appreciate his efforts and position
and I wish to nominate him as the committer for the Subversive project.

Eclipse Subversive SVN Team Provider project committers can click the
election link below to vote.



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