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[subversive-dev] Subversive Project


I'm interested in resurrecting the Subversive project.  The project
pages [1] have various broken/stale links, and the SVN repository [2]
seems to be in a very odd state with its permissions (I can't even
navigate certain parts of the tree).

The complete source is available through its update site [3], though
clearly without any SVN history.

There's a fork on github [4] which does appear to have a copy of the
SVN history, without any tagging information.

I'm trying to work out the steps needed to get:

a) The code into Eclipse's git repositories (preferably from the
original SVN repository, with history)
b) The code building as per other Eclipse projects
c) And then performing some bug fixes -- which is really my main goal here

Any help -- or pointers to other places to seek it -- would be greatly

Many thanks,

[3] E.g.

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