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Re: [subversive-dev] Weird behavior of the "Compare with branch" feature

30.11.2015 12:45, fangebault+ml@xxxxxxxxxxxx пишет:
I was able to fix paths with a hack (see attached patch). I haven't dug deeper yet because I'm still a noob with eclipse development. I hope you can do better.
Thank you, I'll check the patch.
What I understand here is that trying to fix SVN connectors v1.7 would be tedious and probably risky. So I agree that we should only fix connectors v1.8. If possible, it would be a nice workaround to make subversive's "compare with..." popup print a warning when used with a connector v1.7 and point the user to a bug report and suggest to upgrade to v1.8.
Yes, within SVN Kit 1.7 client library there seems to be no implementation for WC-to-URL comparision at all, while within SVN Kit 1.8 it exists but with some bugs that could be fixed with the workaraound you suggested.
I'm not sure to understand what you mean here. Do you suggest to temporarily implement a workaround in SVNKit connector's code until the bug in SVNKit you mentionned above is fixed? If it is feasible then I think this is the best choice we have.
As said above, I managed to fix paths but there are still some glitches: - some unmodified resources are still listed in the compare window (I'm still investigating on this) - resource decorations seem inappropriate: modified resources appear as incoming changes which is an arbitrary choice I guess. Maybe a bidirectional arrow would be more meaningful in this case.
I'll check what I can do there.

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