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Re: [subversive-dev] Weird behavior of the "Compare with branch" feature

OK, I finally found out that your patch works as expected when using the JavaHL connector. With the SVNKit connector it only works as expected when the user selects the project's root directory for comparison. Otherwise, selecting any subfolder for comparison is still buggy. Do you have any hint on how to fix this?
After checking the issue it do seems that:
1) SVN Kit 1.8.11 implements the functionality differently than JavaHL in regards to the paths reported. And it seems to be the SVN Kit's bug, since both libraries should implement SVN API the same way. 2) SVN Kit 1.7.14 does not provide support for working copy-to-URL comparison. So, the patch would not work with SVN Kit 1.7.14 at all. I can't check with JavaHL 1.7.x now since it's troublesome in my configuration, but I guess it'll be the same anyway, because the error message I've got said something like "diff summarize could be performed only on the URL-to-URL basis".

So, I guess there is no choice but to make the code compatible with the SVN 1.8 only, since providing a wrong compare result is worse than providing nothing at all (on the other hand the functionality will completely stop working with SVN 1.7)? Also I suppose, the behaviour of SVN Kit connector could be adapted to its incorrect implementation, so that it won't seem different with JavaHL (though it does not mean the issue won't be reported to SVN Kit team).

Do you agree with the proposed solution or do you have any suggestions on the matter (as for example to leave the way to use the earlier implementation in case of SVN 1.7 connector is used)?

Best regards,
Alexander Gurov,
Subversive Team.

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