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RE: [subversive-defects] svn:ignore Property

Hello Nicolas,


                The problem is that SVN will not take into consideration any entry under the svn:ignore property that mentions a versioned resource.  It will only look into this property when deciding which resource to add to the repository, not for commit and so on.


This is why Subversive chose to gray out the GUI option.


                I myself had quite a few situations where I wanted to transform a versioned resource into an ignored resource, and it was always a headache. Maybe Subversive could provide us with an option to do this and execute the necessary steps.


                I think the easiest steps are:


-          Delete the resources from the repository

-          Update the working copy

-          Recreate (or copy back) the resources in the working copy if needed

-          Verify that resources are not versioned (? Icon).

-          Add them to svn:ignore

-          Commit


Best regards,



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Thanks Igor

may be this is not in teh documentation:"You can use svn:ignore property only for unversioned resources"

Last question is , If I set a property with TEAM->Set Property, and this property is svn:ignore, it only works for unversioned resources ?
for example , I wnat to ignore folder "logs", but because I allready commit that folder, i would never could ignore them ?

Best regards
PS: Sorry for my english

El 27/01/2010 05:42 a.m., Igor V. Burilo escribió:

Hello Nicolas,


You can use svn:ignore property only for unversioned resources, if resource is versioned then "Add to svn:ignore" menu is disabled. In order to add resource to ignored, select unversioned resource which you want to ignore, right click and call Team/Add to svn:ignore, then select ignore method.

If "Add to svn:ignore" menu is disabled on unversioned resource then create a defect with details.


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hi, I'm working with Aptana Studio 2.0.0 with the Subversive Plugin.
And I want to "ignore" a complete folder below my root project folder.

My project is in PHP, I'm using windows ( Vista ). And XAMPP as Web/Data Server

First of all, allway have "Add to svn:ignore" menu option disabled!
When I add a Property manually, I don't know how to fill the lines:


Can someone give some ideas ?
Best Regards


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