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RE: [subversive-defects] svn:ignore Property

Hello Nicolas,
You can use svn:ignore property only for unversioned resources, if resource is versioned then "Add to svn:ignore" menu is disabled. In order to add resource to ignored, select unversioned resource which you want to ignore, right click and call Team/Add to svn:ignore, then select ignore method.
If "Add to svn:ignore" menu is disabled on unversioned resource then create a defect with details.

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Subject: [subversive-defects] svn:ignore Property

hi, I'm working with Aptana Studio 2.0.0 with the Subversive Plugin.
And I want to "ignore" a complete folder below my root project folder.

My project is in PHP, I'm using windows ( Vista ). And XAMPP as Web/Data Server

First of all, allway have "Add to svn:ignore" menu option disabled!
When I add a Property manually, I don't know how to fill the lines:


Can someone give some ideas ?
Best Regards


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