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Re: [stp-dev] Consider Easymock as a tool for testing in STP/Eclipse?

Has anyone worked with JMock ( in anger? I'm not trying to speak against using EasyMock, it's just that I'd prefer we take a short look at the available options and then decide on a single framework to recommend for STP.


On 30.11.2007, at 15:39, David Bosschaert wrote:

Oisin Hurley wrote:
I'm +1 on having a mock framework in place. As Andrei says, choice is
very much down to personal feeling - after using a proprietary framework,
and then the jcoverage framework, I found EasyMock a bit strange ;)
Yeah, that's what I meant when I wrote that it requires some getting used to. However once you're used to it, it's actually very powerful and at least ticks all my requirements. It has mocking for both interfaces and classes. The jconverage mock framework, was very easy to use but as far as I remember that was never part of an open source project. I think its part of the jcoverage commercial offering. I have never used jMock, so if there are people with experience there it would be great to hear them.



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