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Re: [stp-dev] Consider Easymock as a tool for testing in STP/Eclipse?

Hi David,

We are using EasyMock in SOPERA projects. I also find it good and powerful tool especially to mock backends for Unit tests.
Alternative tool is jMock, that propose the same functionality, but in different manner.
So choice between EasyMock and jMock is based on personal preferences.
I completely support your proposal.


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Subject: [stp-dev] Consider Easymock as a tool for testing in STP/Eclipse?

Hi all,

I was thinking that using Easymock in the test fragments would make 
writing some of the unit tests quite a bit easier. Esp when big 
interfaces need to be mocked (such as IFile or IProject) it would help a 

I have used EasyMock ( quite a bit in the past, 
and although it requires some 'getting used to it' I have found it a 
great tool for creating mockobjects in unit tests. EasyMock has an MIT 
license which I think is compatible with EPL.
I did quick search in IPZilla but didnt find any previous requests for 
EasyMock or any other Mock object systems. So I guess if we can agree 
that EasyMock is good, I could start by filing a CQ/IPZilla entry to get 
it approved into Eclipse.

Anyone any thoughts?


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