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Re: [stp-dev] Re: Follow on meeting about the Hybrid Model

Hi Guillaume,

I try to explain briefly about your doubt what are the means of the entities in that model.

Guillaume Nodet ha scritto:
I'm sorry I missed this meeting... :-(

I have a few questions wrt to the meta model described at

The model defines the notion of service, binding and endpoint, but the
comments below do not put any definition behind these concepts ? Do
they have the same meaning than in WSDL ? If yes, where is the
Interface ? In which case would a service have more than one endpoint

This model aims to define both:

1) the concept of service in very similar way as it's in the webservices world so this is
the reason for the presence of Service, ServiceBinding and Enpoint entities.

2) The concept of Process as a set of steps and transitions, each steps use a services with
   a particular binding.
When you're using the model to define business process you really don't care about the
   services you just need to use in your step.

Makin a very simple example suppose you have a business process defined in terms of
   three step.

- Take Input -> Make Some Business Transformation -> Make Data Persistent -> Get Output

   this could be mapped to the service in:

- TakeInput ( InputService) -> MakeSomeBusinessTransformation ( BusinessService ) -> MakeDataPersistent( BusinessService) -> GetOuptut( OutputService)

In that way you've a process with four step and two of that are reusing the BusinessService. Then you coul put there the binding so you could have

   - TakeInput( InputService, JBIHttpInputBinding )
->MakeSomeBusinessTransformation ( BusinessService, JBI-XSLT-ServiceEngineBinding )
   ->MakeDataPersistent( BusinessService, JBI-JDBC-ServiceEngineBinding )
   ->GetOuptut(OutputService, JBIHttpOutputComponent)

But the "same business process" could have different "technological details" changing the binding association in the step instances so the same process could
   result in:

   - TakeInput( InputService, JBIJmsInputBinding )
->MakeSomeBusinessTransformation ( BusinessService, JBI-XSLT-ServiceEngineBinding )
   ->MakeDataPersistent( BusinessService, JBI-JDBC-ServiceEngineBinding )
   ->GetOuptut(OutputService, JBIJmsOutputBinding)
Also I don't really see why a process step would be linked to a
binding ? It seems to me it should be linked to an Interface or an
Endpoint (if we want the physical location)...

The physical location URI and other details are expresses as properties of the steps.

Ideas ?

When you've process, modelled as step with binding and properties, the aim is to get something
that coul deployed in a JBI or SCA runtime.

At the moment i'm working to model a very simple process with two purpose:

1) To get a generator that will give me a deployables service assembly for servicemix runtime, starting from that model. By the result will be that ecah step will be mapped to a particular jbi endpoint ( as we mean in jbi world ).

2) To extends the eclipse bpmn modeler to work with that model. ( a very basic idea could be to have each bpmn
   element mapped to a service but it's just an idea )

By the way this is an intermediate model, and you need to get other configuration files to get the generators work. This is because each technology has it's details that cannot be all included in the intermediate

Please let me know if you've other doubt.

Andrea Zopppello
Engineering Ing. Informatica

On 9/6/07, Adrian Mos <adrian.mos@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
 Hi guys,

1pm BST (2pm CET) would work for me and I think for Andrea too.

Talk to you then!

On Sep 6, 2007, at 11:36 AM, Adrian Skehill wrote:

Andrea, Adrian,

Following on from our meeting earlier, I kpoke with David here regarding
having a chat about the hybrid model and the representation of endpoints. He
would be free at 1PM BST (2PM CET) or 3PM BST, (4PM CET).

Let me know which time suits you best, and we can use the bridge for the
dial weekly meeting to talk.


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