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RE: [stp-dev] SCA v1.0 - conf call details

Hi all,

Here are the conf call details:

Teleconference: participant code: 417488

Dial-in information:
Germany +49 69 210 869 100 0800 455 6556 
Australia 1800 136 708 
Austria +43 1 928 1440 0800 298 662 
Belgium +32 2 400 6921 0800 74569 
Brasil 0800 891 4822 
Canada 1 8888 201 142 
China (North) 1 0800 749 0080 
China (South) 1 0800 490 0067 
Czech Republic 800 143 199 
Denmark 8088 3307 
Finland 0800 914 769 
France +33 170 729 898 0800 908 390 
Hungary 06 800 137 97 
India 000 800 100 6136 
Ireland 1 800 555 072 
Israel 1809 349 047 
Italy +39 023 604 9151 800 788 754 
Netherlands 08000 249 970 
Philippines 1800 149 10 004 
Portugal 800 849 176 
Russia 810 800 212 81 049 
Singapore 800 492 2115 
Slovakia 08000 490 08 
Spain +34 914 142 196 900 994 999 
Sweden +46 850 564 731 020 791 212 
Switzerland +41 44 580 1003 0800 890 007 
UK +44 207 075 3204 0808 234 1757 
USA 1 866 203 4642 

Best regards,

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Sent: Thursday, 28. June 2007 16:47
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Subject: RE: [stp-dev] SCA v1.0

Hi Stephane,

I think the agenda is fine. I am scheduling the meeting for the next Thursday - 05.July.2007, 1:30 pm, Europe Standard Time (GMT +01:00)  . I hope you will be able to join. If not please notify me and I will reschedule the meeting.
Please, find the webex (desktop sharing tool) meeting details in the mail attached. I will schedule a phone conf call soon and will post the dial-in details.

I would like to encourage also other interested parties to join the meeting.

Best regards,
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Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2007 10:24 AM
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Subject: Re: [stp-dev] SCA v1.0

Hi Bogdan,

Sure, I'm ok for a conf call. I propose you next friday, I'm available 
all the day. It's ok for you? If you can organize the meeting, it will 
be great.

Currently, we are following the procedure to submit our graphical 
designer as an IP Zilla bug. Have you submitted your code as an IPZilla 
bug? Could you send me a screenshot?

For this meeting I propose to discuss about:
1) the graphical designer aim.
2) the meta model.
3) our graphical designers with a mutual demonstration with desktop 
sharing. We can talk also about some technical issues.
4) how we see our collaboration, and a first roadmap of the project.

Do you see others items to include?

Best regards


Vatkov, Bogdan a écrit :
> Hi Stephane,
> We developed a prototype for SCA v1.0 which has similar capabilities to your version. It was based on GEF but not on GMF, we are right in the middle of moving our editor to GMF. We had the strong committment to contribute the editor to the STP and we wanted to do this right after SCA v1.0 EMF model contribution is approved and we prepare the GMF version.
> Having your proposal now we think it will be better to cooperate with you on the on the topic.
> As a next step I would propose for us to get a deeper look into both proposals (on technical level) and compare both solutions, suggest which parts will be contributed by you or by us, select short term topics that we should discuss in order to reach productive editor (e.g. model validations), long term topics (e.g discuss look and feel), setup some regular sync, etc.
> I would propose to have an hour conf call (with desktop sharing if possible) in order to get to a common understanding of the topic. I could try to organize a meeting till the end of the week or in the beginning of the next week.
> What do you think?
> Best regards,
> Bogdan 
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> From: stp-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:stp-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Stephane DRAPEAU
> Sent: Monday, June 25, 2007 11:55 AM
> To: STP Dev list
> Subject: Re: [stp-dev] SCA v1.0
> Hi Bogdan, all,
> At Obeo we are also very interested in the graphical designer for SCA. 
> Actually, we have a first prototype that allows to define an assembly 
> (attached there is a screenshot of the prototype).
> To develop this graphical designer, we started from scheme available in 
> the OSOA web site ( 
> <>). In the following I'll give you 
> some details of the way we are working.
> - As a first step we revised the OSOA scheme to reflect properly the SCA 
> Assembly Model Specification and to enable the validation of the XSD 
> model. We corrected also some structural problems. This work was done 
> with the INRIA laboratory (ADAM team).
> - As a second step, we generated the ecore models and made some 
> modifications. For example, in the Wire EClass, we define source and 
> target as EReference (in the initial model, target and source are 
> EAttribute).
> - Then, we generated the code and we added some validation rules like 
> "the component name must be unique in the composite". I think this is 
> important because these rules exist in the specification document but 
> they do not appear in the XSD scheme.
> - Finally, we developed a first version of our graphical designer. It 
> works with Eclipse Europa, EMF 2.3 and GMF 2.0. This SCA Designer 
> follows the SCA official specification to represent composites, 
> services, wires... See the screenshot.
> Currently, we are following the procedure to submit this graphical 
> designer as an IP Zilla bug. If everyone is ok, this will be the initial 
> contribution of the SCA Designer project.
> This work is part of the SCOrWare project (which is supported by the 
> French National Research Agency and OW2) that has two main goals:
> - to develop a component-based implementation of the SCA specification and
> - to develop high-level tools to facilitate end users to adopt this 
> technology.
> In this project, Obeo is leading the work concerning tools and 
> contributions for Eclipse. We are working on several tools: designers, 
> STP extensions, code generation, etc... We can discuss on them later.
> It will be great if we can work together in the graphical designer. 
> Franco Scavuzzo told me that he is interested in working with us.
> To continue with this work, we are interested in creating a new STP 
> subproject (as an incubation project if necessary). We are ok to lead it.
> Who is interested in this work? What do you think about all this?
> Best regards
> Stéphane Drapeau
> Obeo
> Vatkov, Bogdan a écrit :
>> Hi Adrian,
>> I saw you have been assigned to the issue 
>> Do you have any progress on that? Is it possible for me to help you 
>> with this issue?
>> Actually I have the SCA v1.0 metamodel already imported (from XSD) as 
>> EMF model and I am using it locally for our SCA design-time 
>> implementation.
>> Do you think it is meaningful to send you what I have for the sca1.0 
>> emf based meta-model?
>> This particular problem is the key point for us to start extending the 
>> STP framework. Currently we do not extend (or even re-use on API 
>> basis) any STP part but we would like to do so.
>> (Un)fortunatelly we needed SCA v1.0 for our SCA design-time support 
>> for the SCA runtime that we are implementing and I had to create the 
>> sca 1.0 metamodel.
>> Now I would like to have it inside STP and actually start using the 
>> entire platform, extend extension points, propose new extension points 
>> etc.
>> Best regards,
>> Bogdan
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