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Re: [stp-dev] Work items...

Sounds good. It might also be useful to organize a writeup of the actual steps a developer has to take to get from writing a service in his/her favorite technology to actually having it deployed - this could clarify some of the details required to make it all work together. I think that STP should at least provide a reference implementation for all the sub-tasks involved.

Another thing that is unclear to me is what the STP extension points are going to look like, does anyone have some details on these?



Oisin Hurley wrote:
Hi all,
I'm collecting a list of things that we could work on in the near
future - with the intent to produce a definitive list of content for
an M1 release. I've got my list below - in no particular order of
priority - I'd like to see yours ;)

Focus here is on *integration* of subprojects.

-> a core introspector for jaxws contrib
-> a core introspector for tuscany implementation artifacts
-> a means to visualize an assembly in the core model
-> integration of the core and deployment framework
   i.e. a way to link services with deployment targets
-> integration of  the deployment framework and deployment
   aspects of the WTP (work with WTP on this)

At the end of the day we should be able to do a drive-thru of
service -> model -> deploy for a couple of services.

Any thoughts?

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