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Re: [stp-dev] Deployment Framework Contribution

Was there ever any progress made resolving the concerns about WTP and DTP server frameworks?

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06/20/2006 11:47 PM

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[stp-dev] Deployment Framework Contribution

Hey all,

I've checked the deployment framework code into the STP SOAS project.  I
still need to add features and integrate the projects with the build

The contribution includes two instructional example plugins.  The examples
provide the following implementations:
A package extension used to identify Eclipse jardesc files to the
A deploy driver extension used to identify the DTP sample connection
profile as a deploy target for jardesc packages.
A package constructor extension used to create a jar file from a jardesc

To exercise the examples:
1. Create a Java project.
2.  Add some classes to the project.
3.  Create a jardesc file within the project (Export...->Java->JAR file).
4.  Create a sample connection profile instance (from within the DSE,
New...->File Connection Profile (Example), run through the wizard, specify
a directory; when connected, you will see the contents of the directory
within the DSE).
5.  Right-click on the jardesc file created in step 3 and select Deploy...
6.  Select the connection profile created in step 4 and press OK.
The JAR file will be built using the information within the jardesc file
and "deployed" to the "server."  You should see the jar file in the DSE
when you connect to the "server" (it will be refreshed automatically if you
are connected when you deploy).

The framework also includes a deployment profile editor which can be used
to target packages to multiple servers, then execute the deployment as a
single operation (the framework defines transactional semantics for this
operation, but commit and rollback must be supported by the individual
deploy driver extensions).

To compile, you will need the following plugins from DTP:

To compile the examples, you will also need the following from DTP:
org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.sample.cp (this plugin is an
illustrative example of a connection profile, which is not specific to DBs)

All the DTP plugins except the sample can be downloaded from the DTP or
Callisto sites.  The connection profile sample plugin can be found in the
DTP CVS repository.

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc.

Happy coding,

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