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[stp-dev] Project Facets (was IRC log 24may06)

> Oisin Hurley wrote:
> > [17:13] RobCernich: not sure if i agree with the notion that a project
> > has to be specific to a runtime
> <snip big discussion on project-runtime binding>
> Project facets (which you get for free from WTP) is the obvious
> framework to manage this.  They were designed to handle this requirement
> - restricting the capabilities of a project to match the capabilities of
> the associated runtime (if any).  Note the user does not have to choose
> a runtime - facets can exist on their own - but if a runtime is chosen
> (or changed) then compatibility is enforced by the facets framework.

Given that the assembly, module or subsystem, represents the deployable
unit, wouldn't it make more sense to have facets applied to the assembly as
opposed to the project itself?

With respect to capabilities, I was specifically talking about the creation
of certain resource types, e.g. BPEL, BPMN, POJO, JEE.  As far as I am
aware, it is not possible to prevent the user from creating these in a
project.  For example, I can create Java files in a simple project type.

Also, it would be nice if somebody could post some detailed information
regarding project facets.  From the research I've done I could not
determine the advantage of using them versus plain old project natures.

Best regards,

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