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Re: [stp-dev] IRC log 24may06

Oisin Hurley wrote:
[17:13] RobCernich: not sure if i agree with the notion that a project has to be specific to a runtime
<snip big discussion on project-runtime binding>

Project facets (which you get for free from WTP) is the obvious framework to manage this. They were designed to handle this requirement - restricting the capabilities of a project to match the capabilities of the associated runtime (if any). Note the user does not have to choose a runtime - facets can exist on their own - but if a runtime is chosen (or changed) then compatibility is enforced by the facets framework. This discussion is an echo of one on wtp-dev that lead to the introduction of the facets framework in WTP 1.0
[17:28] oisin: the second scenario has me a bit confused : is this a packaging thing for vendors that will adopt STP frameworks? [17:28] oisin:
[17:33] askehill: ok, I'll follow up on it
Great, will this be posted to stp-dev?

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